How often in your childhood you wanted to climb high above the ground on a real military aircraft? Now this dream can be realized with Modern Warplanes game from the national developer Cube Software.

This action deserves attention, as well as the title best action of the game among the gaming innovations of February 2016. The required version of Android 2.3+, so will suit almost everyone.

The game has three modes:

  • training;
  • online mode;
  • survival.

The game online incredibly addictive, as it you can fight with real opponents (and even your boss). In Survival mode you can play without Internet: you can work out and “fill the hand”, and also to get some achievements and coins for the downed aircraft.

For any downed fighter you get money and experience. With each level will open a new aircraft, missiles and guns. In the hangar there are only 12 models of famous fighters, many optimizations and weapons. Each has its own unique features, characteristics, certain level requirements and certain amount of gold.

The game captures not only the realistic air fights, but its graphics, changing weather and day and night. Sometimes you have to wince, not only from flying very close to the rocket, and lightning.

When loading the game we see our first aircraft, as well as the main menu buttons:

  • jobs in which you can view statistics on your battles and the obtained achievements;
  • the bonuses that we get when you log in the game;
  • online chat, where you can find friends and pass the time until the tank is filled with your aircraft;
  • the hidden settings tab and activate the video gaming process EveryPlay;
  • below you can view the entire list of open and inaccessible to aircraft and missiles and guns, as well as their characteristics;
  • we can also view the balance of silver and gold coins, selected aircraft, missiles and guns.

But the main button that you probably looking for each when you download Modern Warplanes, this is, of course, the beginning of the battle. It can be seen top center and selecting the desired mode immediately dive into the thrilling air battles.

When you select, you instantly be in the sky. The main advantage of this game – stunning graphics combined with easy and convenient operation. Once among the clouds, you can control your fighter using the stick, which is located in the bottom left of the screen. Once you have on the fly will be the enemy, the plane will automatically bestow him with bullets from a machine gun, but the missile launch control only you yourself: the right side there are two buttons responsible for start-up of rockets. And once your enemy is defeated, you will receive a well – deserved reward experience and coins.

However, just one thing at a time – the flight time is limited by the amount of gasoline. As soon as the gasoline runs out, you will find yourself in the hangar. To fill its “bird” is quite simple and it can be done in two ways:

  • wait until the tank slowly filled independently;
  • click the “fill the tank” and to view the promotional video.
  • However, in the latest update, the fuel removed, and if the developers have mercy on the fans to fly, that’s how it will remain (although unlikely).

Tips on playing Modern Warplanes:

  • At the conclusion of the next flight you can double your reward with extraordinary to see advertising inside the game. At first, extra silver coins would be welcome, because getting the 2nd level you will open a new aircraft, missiles and gun.
  • Gold can you get for viewing ads: in the upper right corner of the home screen there is a button “Get gold”, clicking on which you will have to view the ads. As a reward, you get 10 gold coins. The timeout between such views is 60 seconds.
  • Modern Warplanes – the analogy of action games that will please you with its graphics, gameplay, realistic events and weather conditions. What else you need for a real pilot? Except that adding new modes and team battles.

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