Last Empire–the War Z is a video game in the genre of “addictive strategy” focused on Android smartphones and tablets. The number of official downloads of this title far exceeds the mark of 10 million copies, which means that the game was downloaded 10 million devices. What can offer such an application?

It is worth noting that all the actions in the game occur a post-apocalyptic world that was overrun by zombies. They are deprived of reason, guided only by hunger, by thirst which can only be a human meat. In such circumstances the main task of a living being, a man not to die.

The gameplay is not unique a number of other strategies for Android devices. There is a base that needs to be developed, creates a technique, it is possible to improve the main character. It is worth noting that this game has only multiplayer mode. Single mode is completely absent.

However, the functionality of this strategy is gradually expanding. So, the database user is at the world map, near the bases of other players with whom to cooperate, and to be in enmity. No one bothers to engage in strategies alone.

Implying the fact that the Last Empire–the War Z – a network of zombie strategy, you should put that in the game there are clans. Here they are called “Alliance”. The members of the General Alliance can help each other. Joining a clan gives you solid bonuses. In other words, you will receive a virtual “salary” for the Alliance.

As for the graphics, then everything is fine. It looks quite beautiful, juicy. There is a possibility of magnification of the objects on the map, to better see them. The sound in the game is pleasant, the music is perfectly combined with the theme of strategy.

Pros Last Empire–War Z for Android:

  • Impressive graphics.
  • Good music in the game.
  • The presence of alliances.
  • Different types of the living dead.

Of the minuses can only highlight that the game sometimes there is no translation, but this “minus” for many will not be a problem. Definitely, this game and all like her apps are not full-fledged strategies that we’ve all seen on a PC. On smartphones rather problematic to play in projects of this genre. As for the Last Empire–War Z, this is one of the best game in this genre. It will appeal not only to fans of the strategy genre, but to many, lover of post-apocalyptic world filled with the living dead.

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