Probably every boy, and not only dreamed at least once to feel like driving fast cars on city roads, push the gas pedal to the floor and ignoring the signals of cars on the sides of the race to nowhere…

Game Highway Traffic Driver this was possible!

What is interesting in Highway Traffic Driver?

The first question that interests many, and what cars will be available?

Highway Traffic Driver today available 10 different cars, different not only in appearance but also in their characteristics. In addition, each available car can be improved, change the wheels, body. You can even make a real police car with flashing blue lights that you have in the garage.

Upon arrival on screen are just three buttons: gas, brake, and high beam. The main course is a gas. Turns, in turn, are made by the gyro.

The game is distinguished by the fact that it is not possible to buy anything with real money. Additional funds to upgrade or purchase a new car you can get by viewing ads. For viewing, you will receive 1000 credits.

Graphics toys pleased. It is on par with many similar games.

For a comfortable gameplay, you need the following features:

    • Android version 2.3.3 and above;
    • Free space: 47 MB
    • Screen: the bigger the better.
    • Highway Traffic Driver

It is worth noting that the developers of Cube Software, is and prepares new updates that will be more good players.

The positive side of this game is that you can play without Internet connection, however, to view videos or to leave a comment, the connection must be.

Where to start?

After downloading the game for the first time we will be available to only one machine with the initial characteristics. Later, earning a bit of cash on the races, you can not only upgrade but to buy something more classy.

So, to start the race you must choose the mode and movement of cars, as well as weather conditions and time of day. In Highway Traffic Driver for Android is available from 4 game modes:

      • unilateral;
      • bilateral;
      • for the time being;
      • bomb.

If the first two modes is simple and straightforward, the last is worth looking more details. In the “For time” should drive the track and score as many points for violations of traffic rules with a limited period of time. But it is absolutely impossible to get into an accident. In that case, if you drove into someone, the game stops and appears a account.

The “Bomb” has no time limit, but you be the bus driver, who is wired with explosives. To score maximum points for this race, it is necessary not to reduce speed and be aware of the fact that all violations, it is an added bonus to points.

In this mode, even if you someone will drive, the game is over, but the speed is seriously reduced, and if it is not the time to raise the car to explode. This is probably the most “crazy” mode where the adrenaline is going, and hand off the gas button to remove does not.

In addition, you can choose daytime or night time, and rainy weather. Accumulating a sufficient amount, you can buy the clipper is faster to get even more fun and adrenaline travel.

Highway Traffic Driver is the dream of many fans of driving simulators, a high-level. In this game you can almost everything: to break the rules, not to follow the speed and not pay attention to the signals of the surrounding cars. And the craziest drive you can experience from the trip in the “Bomb”.

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