Review of Football Manager 2016 Touch for Android + download the game for free

Football Manager Touch 2016 Not long ago, Sports Interactive has presented the latest iteration of the popular football simulator Football Manager Classic 2015.

Of course, the owners of portable devices is also lucky enough to get their hands on a mobile version of Manager for all the base components of the game mechanics carried over from the PC release, but not without its annoying flaws.

The first thing is clearly evident – a clumsy interface, clearly hinting at the fact that the developers simply didn’t want to work thoroughly on porting their offspring. And now, after six months, all eyes of the public focused on Football Manager 2016 Touch for Android, which is designed to correct the shortcomings and strengthen the leading position of the game in its niche.

What’s new?

It is difficult to escape the conclusion that such a quick release (again, only six months!) looks rather hasty. Do not leave the consciousness of the fact that projects from Sports Interactive is among the most expensive on the market of mobile entertainment. I hasten to reassure you — Touch Football Manager 2016 has something to boast about and surprise.

In particular, interface elements, which had caused streams of angry responses, have undergone significant changes. The players on the tactical screen are presented in the form of cards with simple and convenient access to drop-down menu. Manipulating the players — pleasure: from now on any negative emotions and compulsive desire to strangle the developers.

To manage the team created a special tab that allows users to fine tune with many customizable parameters. Yes, we are dealing with a well-known table with a bunch of numbers, but the formatting and graphic realization of the charts – just space!

The spots on the sun

And yet, the British failed to create the perfect football Manager – some mistakes are just impossible to ignore. To get pleasure from thoughtful gameplay prevent lags, the negative effect of which is enhanced by the strange behavior of the buttons, sometimes stubbornly refusing to respond to your actions.

Not without various bugs. Fortunately, they are often absurd and funny (be prepared for the goal-scoring exploits of David de GEA). A pair of “flattering” words deserves and 3D-match engine – it looks terrible, frightening obscenely low resolution textures, forcing to remember the times of the earliest games in the series FIFA.

After all is said, the information from the publisher about the paid content may seem inappropriate, but we will note a few moments. Despite the fact that Football Manager Touch 2016 is positioned as a premium product (which does not doubt its price), players are given the opportunity to acquire several useful features: The Magic Sponge (for 0.99 $) can instantly heal the player, but spending 6.99 $ you can replenish the Bank account your club on a virtual £ 50 million.


After weighing all the pros and cons, we have no moral right to deny that Sports Interactive has given us a great Manager. After a close acquaintance with him clearly realize that within our universe of competitors it could not be found. Of course, bugs and glitches leave an unpleasant aftertaste, but it dissipates quickly in the ocean unique memories of an unforgettable evening spent in the company of Football Manager Touch 2016.

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