Representatives of the genre of “open world” that focuses on survival-component, are now at the peak of his popularity. That only is the runaway success of Don’t Starve – furious challenging game about crafting as a necessary skill to help you stay alive with an isometric view, familiar to all fans of the Diablo series.

Game Crashlands for Android not just synthesizes the best ideas of his predecessors – it allows you to look at the process of exploring a huge space under a completely different angle.

A course for salvation

The narrative originates with the armed conflict, a random party which has become an intergalactic trucker named Flux. The attack on your warship, he was forced to make an emergency landing on an unknown planet. Looking closely to the environment, the Flux is aware that for a long time here to linger not; and it is time to start thinking about a speedy return to orbit.

The pursuit of your goals happens by collecting items, weapons, armor, and other stuff designed to help in the battles with eccentric enemies and the execution of numerous instructions from NPC.

The handyman

Obviously, countless quests and a crowd of opponents suggesting that a significant part of the gameplay will be linked to the development of the hero. But then Crashlands takes a simple twist and are most closely binds leveling to collect the loot.

Want to Flux were moving faster or had the ability to stun enemies – certainly crafted any instrument or gun. In other words, successful progress through the story depends entirely on the creation of useful devices, the material for which is scattered through the game world and dropping out of the enemies stuff.

Unearthly beauty

Purely positive impressions from the thoughtful and exciting gameplay Crashlands supports highly polished design. User interface spoils gamers original graphic solutions for the crafting system, indicators of damage and damage, and a bunch of other carefully placed items.

A new milestone of the genre? Sure, the game Crashlands worthy of loud epithets and rave reviews, is rapidly spreading across the network. The developers have managed to properly relay the basic game mechanics and wrap them in charming visual wrapper.

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